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The Order of Precedence

The Order of Precedence      

The Greater Sundays

The Four Sundays of Advent             The Three Sundays before Ash Wednesday
The Six Sundays of Lent                    Easter Sunday
The Octave Day of Easter                  Rogation Sunday
Sunday after Ascension                     Whitsunday
Trinity Sunday

The Privileged Octaves
Easter Week                                         Whitsun Week

The Privileged Feral Days
Ash Wednesday                                    Weekdays of Holy Week

The Principal Holy Days Not Sundays
Christmas                                                 Epiphany
            The Purification                                        The Annunciation
Ascension Day                                          The Transfiguration
            Dormition of St. Mary the Virgin             All Saints Day
            Feast of the Dedication of a Church

The Lesser Sundays
All Sundays other than Greater Sundays

The Greater Holy Days

            St. Andrew the Apostle                                    Conception of St. Mary the Virgin
            St. Thomas the Apostle                                    St. Stephen the Martyr
            St. John the Evangelist                                   Holy Innocents
            The Circumcision                                            The Confession of the St. Peter
            The Conversion of St. Paul                              St. Matthias the Apostle
            St. David                                                          St Patrick
            St Joseph                                                         St. Mark the Evangelist
            Ss. Philip and James Apostles                         St. Augustine of Canterbury
            St. Barnabus the Apostle                                 St Alban the Martyr
            Nativity of St. John the Baptist                       Ss. Peter and Paul Apostles
            St. Mary Madeline                                            St. James the Apostle
            St. Bartholomew                                              Nativity of the St. Mary the Virgin
            Holy Cross Day                                                St Mathew the Evangelist
            St. Michael and All Angels                               Our Lady of Walsingham
St Luke the Apostle                                         Ss. Simon and Jude Apostles
            All Souls Day                                                    Presentation of the BVM at the Temple

The Lesser Octaves
Christmas                                                        Epiphany
            Ascension                                                         Nativity of St. John the Baptist
            Ss. Peter and Paul                                           Dormition of St. Mary the Virgin
            All Saints                                                         Feast of the Dedication of a Church

The Lesser Holy Days

            The Octave day of Epiphany                   St. Hilary of Poitiers, Bishop and Confessor
            St Anthony of Egypt, Abbot                     St. Timothy, Bishop
            St. Polycarp of Smyrna, Bishop and Martyr  
            St. John Chrysostom, Bishop and Confessor
St. Ignatius of Antioch, Bishop and Martyr   St. Cornelius the Centurion
            St. Titus, Bishop                                       St. Perpetua and her Companions, Martyrs
            St. Gregory of Nyssa, Bishop                    St. Gregory the Great, Bishop
            St. Ambrose of Milan, Bishop                   St. Leo the Great, Bishop
            St. Justin, Martyr                                     St. Anselm of Canterbury, Archbishop
            St. Athanasius, Archbishop and Confessor       
St Gregory of Nazianzus, Bishop and Confessor
            St. Bede the Venerable, Priest and Theologian 
            The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
            The Martyrs of Lyons                                      
St. Boniface, Archbishop and Apostle to the Germans
            The First Book of Common Prayer           St. Basil the Great, Bishop and Martyr
            St. Irenaeus of Lyons, Bishop                   Independence Day
            St. Benedict of Nursia                               Ss. Mary and Martha of Bethany, Disciples
            St. Joseph of Arimathaea, Disciple           St. Bernard of Clairvoux, Abbot
            Octave Day of the Dormition of St. Mary the Virgin
            St. Augustine of Hippo, Bishop and Theologian
St. Aidan of Lindisfarne, Bishop             St. Cyprian of Carthage, Bishop and Martyr
            St. Theodore of Tarsus, Archbishop         St. Jerome, Priest and Monk
            St Francis of Assisi, Friar                        St. James of Jerusalem, Bishop and Martyr
            The Blessed Alfred the Great, King of Wessex  The Octave Day of All Saints
St. Martin of Tours, Bishop                             
Consecration of Samuel Seabury first American Bishop
            St. Clement Of Alexandria, Priest


The Blessed William Laud, Archbishop and Martyr
            St. Wulfsan of Worcester, Bishop                  St. Fabian of Rome, Bishop and Martyr
            St. Agnes, Virgin and Martyr                        St. Vincent, Deacon and Martyr
            The Blessed Phillips Brooks, Bishop
            St. Ansgarius, Archbishop and Apostle to the Danes and Swedes
            The Martyrs of Japan                                      
The Blessed Thomas Bray, Priest and Missionary
            The Blessed George Herbert, Priest             St. Chad of Lichfield, Bishop
            The Blessed John and Charles Wesley, Priest  St. Thomas of Aquinas, Friar
            St. Cyril of Jerusalem, Bishop                       St. Cuthbert of Lindisfarne, Bishop
            The Blessed Thomas Ken, Bishop                 The Blessed James de Koven, Priest
            St. Gregory the Illuminator, Bishop and Apostle to the Armenians
            The Blessed John Keble, Priest                     The Blessed John Donne, Priest
            The Blessed John Frederick Denison Maurice, Priest
            St. Richard of Chester, Bishop 
            The Blessed William Augistus Muhlenberg, Priest
            The Blessed William Law, Priest                  
            The Blessed George Augustus Selwyn, Bishop
            St. Catharine of Siena, Virgin and Theologian  St. Monica of Hippo
            Ss. Cyril and Methodius, Bishops and Apostles to the Slavs
            St. Dunstan of Canterbury, Archbishop          St. Alcuin of Tours, Abbot
            The Blessed Jackson Kemper, Bishop and Missionary
            St Columbia, Abbot                                         The Blessed Joseph Butler, Bishop
            St Ephrem of Edessa, Deacon                       
            Octave of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist
            Octave of Ss. Peter and Paul                          The Blessed William White, Bishop
            The Blessed Thomas A Kempis, Priest          Parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary
            The Blessed William Reed Huntington, Priest  The Blessed William Wilberforce
            St. Dominic, Friar                                           St. Laurence, Deacon and Martyr
            St. Clair of Assisi, Abbes                                St. Hippolytus, Bishop and Martyr
            The Blessed Jeremy Taylor, Bishop               St. Louis of France, King
            Beheading St. John the Baptist **                 The Blessed John Henry Hobart, Bishop
            St. Ninian of Galloway, Bishop
            The Blessed John Coleridge Paterson, Bishop and Martyr
            St. Sergius of Radonezh, Abott                      The Blessed Lancelot Andrews, Bishop
            The Blessed William Tyndale, Priest
            The Blessed Samuel Isaac Joseph Scherescewsky, Bishop
            The Blessed Hugh Latimer and Nicholas Ridley, Bishops and Martyrs
            The Blessed Henry Martyn, Priest and Missionary
            The Blessed James Hannington and his Companions, Bishop and Martyrs
            The Blessed Richard Hooker, Priest              St. Willibrord, Archbishop
            The Blessed Charles Simon, Priest
            St. Margaret of Wessex, Queen of Scotland    St. Hugh of Lincoln, Bishop
            St. Hilda of Whitby, Abbes                             St. Elizabeth of Hungary
            St. Edmund, King and Martyr **                   St. Clement, Bishop
            The Blessed Channing Moore Williams, Bishop and Missionary
            St. John of Damascus, Priest                         St. Nicholas of Myra, Bishop
            St Thomas of Canterbury, Archbishop and Martyr

Days of Local Observance

            Dioceses – Days of Repose of its Bishops
                                    & Other Days as the Ordinary shall direct
            Parishes – Days of Repose of its Rectors

                                    & Other Days as the Rector and Vestry shall direct

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