Thursday, January 21, 2016

Discussing the Prayers and Thanksgivings and the Litany

The Prayers and Thanksgivings are as they appear in the 1928 BCP with the addition of the prayers for before and after worship and the prayers for mission from the 1979 book, and with the addition of the Angelus Domini.

The prayers for before and after worship from the ’79 book I have found edifying in my own devotions. The prayers for mission are also excellent, though I have moved them here so as to keep the offices in their classic Anglican form. The Angelus Domini is longstanding devotion to the incarnation. I have used the traditional pre Counter Reformation text of the Ave. (though of course I subscribe, as all orthodox Anglicans must, to the teaching of the Council of Ephesus and honor St. Mary as Theotokos)

The Litany is a mash up of the 1549, 1928 and 1979 versions. It restores the petitions for the prayers of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Angles, and all the Saints. It also includes the petitions from the ’79 BCP for the faithful departed and that in the fellowship of all the saints we may attain to thy heavenly kingdom.

So we have arrived at the end of Book II, next is Book III the Missal, here I confess, I get nervous. After all I do weekly lead daily prayer, I do pray the office, I attend evensong. But I am not a priest, nor a theologian. However someone has put forth a suggested revised BCP. So here we go.

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