Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Discussing the Calendar

There are three things to note about the Calendar.

First, in the table for finding the movable feasts and fasts, it restores Septuagesima.

Second, the double asterisk after some feasts in the calendar these are feasts not found in the calendar of the 1928 BCP and lesser feasts and fasts 1963, which is the basis of the calendar herein.   

Third, though there is no rubric to that effect here, the black letter feast days, the commemorations and lesser holy days, do not have proper office readings appointed for them, to avoid the problem with the current calendar, where the feral days are almost all suppressed, interfering with the regular order of the daily office readings. In the office these days can be marked with the collect. Most of the Lesser Holy Days have proper mass readings and those that don’t and the commemorations can use the commons appointed.

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