Friday, May 13, 2016

Processional Hymns: Easter

Blest Lord, Creator of the glowing light – A Prudentius

Blest Lord, Creator of the glowing light,
At Whose behest the hours successive move,
The sun has set: black darkness broods above:
Christ! light Thy faithful through the coming night.

Thy courts are lit with stars unnumberèd,
And in the cloudless vault the pale moon rides;
Yet Thou dost bid us seek the fire that hides
Till swift we strike it from its flinty bed.

So man may learn that in Christ's body came
The hidden hope of light to mortals given:
He is the Rock--'tis His own word--that riven
Sends forth to all our race the eternal flame.

Hail thee Festival Day (Easter) - Salve, Festa Dies  - V Fortunatus
Hail thee, festival day!
blest day to be hallowed forever;
day when our Lord was raised,
breaking the kingdom of death.

All the fair beauty of earth,
from the death of the winter arising!
Every good gift of the year
now with its Master returns; [Refrain]

Rise from the grave now, O Lord,
the author of life and creation.
Treading the pathway of death,
new life you give to us all: [Refrain]

God the Almighty,the Lord,
the Ruler of earth and the heavens,
guard us from harm without;
cleanse us from evil within: [Refrain]

Jesus the health of the world,
enlighten our minds, great Redeemer,
Son of the Father supreme,
only begotten of God: [Refrain]

Spirit of life and of power,
now flow in us, fount of our being,
light that enlightens us all,
life that in all may abide: [Refrain]

Praise to the giver of good!
O lover and author of concord,
pour out your balm on our days;
order our ways in your peace: [Refrain]

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