Thursday, May 5, 2016

Office Hymns: Matins: Advent

High Word of God, who once didst come - Verbum supernum prodiens – Bigg (V)

High Word of God, who once didst come,
Leaving Thy Father and Thy home,
To succor by Thy birth our kind,
When, towards Thy advent, time declined,

Pour light upon us from above,
And fire our hearts with Thy strong love,
That, as we hear Thy Gospel read,
All fond desires may flee in dread;

That when Thou comest from the skies,
Great Judge, to open Thine assize,
To give each hidden sin its smart,
And crown as kings the pure in heart,

We be not set at Thy left hand,
Where sentence due would bid us stand,
But with the saints Thy face may see,
Forever wholly loving Thee.

Praise to the Father and the Son,
Through all the ages as they run;
And to the holy Paraclete
Be praise with Them and worship meet. Amen.

Lo! now a thrilling voice sounds forth  - vox clara ecce intonate –Hopkins (L)

Lo! now a thrilling voice sounds forth,
And chides the darken'd shades of earth:
Away, pale dreams, dim shadows fly,
Christ in His might doth shine on high.

Now let the sluggard soul arise,
Which stained by sin and wounded lies:
All ill and harm dispelling far,
Rises the new-born Morning Star.

The Lamb of God is sent below,
Himself to pay the debt we owe;
Oh! for this gift let every voice
With heartfelt songs and tears rejoice.

That when again His light shines clear,
And wraps the world in sudden fear,
His utmost wrath He may not wreak,
But shield us for His mercy's sake.

To Him who comes the world to free,
To God the Son all glory be:
To God the Father, as is meet,
To God the blessed Paraclete. Amen.

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