Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Office Hymns: Memorial Hymns: Of the Holy Ghost

Of the Holy Ghost


THE grace of the Holy Ghost free unto us befall - Nobis Sancti Spiritus gratia sit data

At Matins

THE grace of the Holy Ghost free unto us befall:
Wherewith was overshadowed the maid of maidens all.
When the angel Gabriel his salutation said,
The Word itself flesh became and virgin fruitful made.

At Prime

CHRIST our Savior was born of Mary blessed maid
Who crucified was and dead and in sepulcher laid:
Rising to His disciples He shewed Himself anew
And was to the heavens high assumpted in their view.

At Terce

GOD His Holy Spirit sent to His Apostles dear,
On the day of Pentecost to yield them gladsome cheer,
And with fiery tongues in them did ardent zeal impress:
By no means could He endure to leave them comfortless.

At Sext

THEN did they the sevenfold grace abundantly receive,
Whereupon all languages they fully did perceive.
To the world's sundry coasts they then departed all:
And did preach the Christian faith which Catholic we call.

At None

CALLED it was the Holy Ghost that comfort thus did bring,
The gift of God, Charity, and the reviving spring,
The unction Spiritual, and eke the fire that flames,
Sevenfold grace, precious gift, so called by many names.

At Evensong

THE finger of God's right hand, the ghostly virtue still,
Us defend, and set us free from every kind of ill:
To the end the hellish ghost do us no hurtful deed:
Under His wings He us keep, and there us nurse and feed.

At Compline

THE Spirit the comforter assist us by His might:
Our steps to direct and guide to clear us with His light:
That when God at last shall come to be the judge of all.
At His right hand He may please us joyfully to call.

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