Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Office Hymns: Memorial Hymns: of the Sorrow of the Blessed Virgin

of the Sorrow of the Blessed Virgin

Deep the Virgin Mother's heart - Matris cor Virgineum trina totum trivit.

At Matins.

Deep the Virgin Mother's heart
Was with anguish shaken.
When she knew her Son that night
By the folk was taken ;

And at dawn that He was led
Unto judgment hearing.
Many a scalding tear she shed.
Sort distressed and fearing.

At Prime.

'Twas at Prime, her Only Child
That most holy Virgin
Saw, by men abused, reviled.
And bound down for scourging ;
With the stripes His Body torn.
And defiled with spitting ;
With clasped hands she sinks forlorn.
For her Child intreating.

At Terce.

Ah! The Queen of Virgins mourns.
That Third Hour impending.
When she saw the Crown of Thorns
Her Son's forehead rending ;
How to Calvary the Cross
He was meekly bearing ;
Down amid the dust she falls,
Woe-struck and despairing.

At Sext.

On Him, at this Hour of Sext,
That sad Mother gazeth.
As the foe upon the Cross
High His Person raifeth ;
Thieves they place on either part
Gall as drink is given ;
Sore she waileth, for her heart
Is with anguish riven.

At None.

None ! Her tears in torrents roll
To behold Him dying ;
And to God yield up His Soul
On Eloi crying ;
Then a soldier pierced His Side,
And that wound discerning
Lo ! she swoons and sinks to earth
Soul-stricken, deeply yearning.

At Vespers.

From the Cross, this Vesper Hour,
Lifeless, they are taking
That dear Son, for Whom her heart
Is with anguish breaking ;
At Heaven's pledge, upon His bier.
See ! she fondly gazeth ;
And with many a bitter tear
That sweet Corpse embraceth.

At Compline.

At this Holy Compline Hour
That sad Mother hurried.
O'er the tomb her plaints to pour
Where her Son was buried ;
Fondly lingering there she waits.
Nor the grave forsaketh.
Till unto her arms once more
Her risen Son she taketh.

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