Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Office Hymns: Proper of Ss: The Dormition and Nativity of the BVM

The Dormition of the BVM
O with what glorious lustre thou shinest - O quam glorifica - Palmer

O with what glorious lustre thou shinest,
Daughter of royalty, David's descendant!
Throned in majesty, Mary the Virgin,
Thou 'mid the blessed ones sittest exalted.

Keeping thy virginal honour unspotted
E'en in thy motherhood, chastely thou gavest
Shrine for the Holy One, Lord of the Angels;
Thus in humanity God was incarnate;

Whom the whole universe lowly adoreth,
Duly on bended knee tendering homage:
We on thy festival pray him to grant us
Light and felicity, darkness dispelling.

This, of thy clemency, Father of glory,
Grant through thine only Son, who, with the Spirit,
Evermore one with thee liveth and reigneth
In the bright firmament, ordering all things. Amen.

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