Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Office Hymns: Memorial Hymns: of The Holy Cross

of The Holy Cross.

Patris Sapientia Veritas Divina.

At Vigils

Circled by His enemies.
By His own forsaken,
Christ, the Lord, at Matin Hour
For our sakes was taken;

Very Wisdom, Very Truth,
Monarch long-expected.
In the garden by the folk,
Bound, reviled, rejected!

At Prime.

See them at the Hour of Prime,
Unto Pilate leading.
Him ‘gainst Whom with lying tongues,
Witnesses are pleading ;

There with spitting and with shame,
Ill for good they render.
Marring that bright Face which gives
Heaven eternal splendour !

At Terce.

" Crucify Him ! " for His love
Is their bitter payment.
When They lead Him forth at Terce,
Clad in purple raiment ;

Lo! a crown of woven thorns
On His Head He weareth,
And The Cross to Calvary
On His shoulders beareth.

At Sext.

Him unto the Cross at Sext
Dastard hands are nailing
Numbered with transgresors vile.
And defamed with railing ;

Gall and Vinegar in jest
To His thirst they proffer ;
To The Atoning Lamb of God,
Such the taunts they offer.

At None.

' Twas at None His holy life
The Lord Jesus ended ;
Cried " Eloi ! " and His Soul
Unto God commended.

Then His Side a soldier pierce
With a spear divideth.
Nature trembles, and the Sun
All his splendour hideth.

At Vespers.

From the Cross at Vespertide
Foes His Corpse are haling ;
He within His Soul Divine
All His Glory veiling.

So for us in agony
Life's Physician dieth.
And on earth His glorious Crown
Marred and sullied lieth.

At Compline.

At the silent Compline-tide,
Holy hands array Him ;
And, O hope of life to come !
In the grave they lay Him.

Myrrh and Spices have they brought ;
Scripture is completed ;
Deep for ever be that Death
In my memory seated !

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