Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Office Hymns: Proper of Ss: Conception of the BVM

Proper of Saints
Conception of the BVM
Hail, star of the sea - Ave, maris stella - Simon

Hail, star of the sea,
loving Mother of God,
and also always a virgin,
Happy gate of heaven.

Receiving that Ave
from Gabriel's mouth
confirm us in peace,
Reversing Eva's name.

Break the chains of sinners,
Bring light to the blind,
Drive away our evils,
Ask for all good.

Show yourself to be a mother,
May he accept prayers through you,
he who, born for us,
Chose to be yours.

O unique virgin,
Meek above all,
Make us, absolved from sin,
Gentle and chaste.

Keep life pure,
Make the journey safe,
So that, seeing Jesus,
We may always rejoice together.

Let there be praise to God the Father,
Glory to Christ in the highest,
To the Holy Spirit,
One honor to all three. Amen.

The God whom earth and sea and sky - Quem terra, pontus, ethera - Neale

The God whom earth and sea and sky
adore and laud and magnify,
whose might they own, whose praise they swell,
in Mary's womb vouchsafed to dwell.

The Lord whom sun and moon obey,
whom all things serve from day to day,
was by the Holy Ghost conceived
of her who through his grace believed.

How blessed that Mother, in whose shrine
the world's Creator, Lord divine,
whose hand contains the earth and sky,
once deigned, as in his ark, to lie.

Blessed in the message Gabriel brought,
blessed by the work the Spirit wrought;
from whom the great Desire of earth
took human flesh and human birth.

O Lord, the Virgin-born, to thee
eternal praise and glory be,
whom with the Father we adore
and Holy Ghost for evermore.
O Glorious Lady ! throned on high  - O Gloriosa femina - Hymner

O Glorious Lady ! throned on high
Above the star-illumined sky ;
Thereto ordained, thy bosom lent
To thy Creator nourishment

Through thy sweet Offspring we receive
The bliss once lost through hapless Eve ;
iVnd heaVn to mortals open lies
Now thou art Portal of the skies.

Thou art the Door of heav'n's high King^
Light's Gateway fair and glistering ;
Lite through a Virgin is restored ;
Ye ransonrd nations, praise the Lofd 1

All honour, laud, and gloiy be,
O Tesu, Virgjin-bom, to thee :
All glory as is ever meet.

To Father and to Paradete. Amea

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