Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Office Hymns: Proper of Ss: St. Stephen

St. Stephen
Evensong and Lauds
See Evensong and Vigils of one martyr
Saint of God, elect and precious - Sancte Dei preciose – Neale

Saint of God, elect and precious,
Protomartyr Stephen, bright
With thy love of amplest measure,
Shining round thee like a light;
Who to God commendest, dying,
Them that did thee all despite.

Glitters now the crown above thee,
Figured in thy honored name:
O that we, who truly love thee,
May have portion in the same;
In the dreadful day of judgment
Fearing neither sin nor shame.

Laud to God, and might, and honor,
Who with flowers of rosy dye
Crowned thy forehead, and hath placed thee
In the starry throne on high:
He direct us, He protect us,
From death’s sting eternally.

St. John
See the Common of Apostles and Evangelists

Holy Inocents
See the Common of Many Martyrs

The Circumcision
Evensong and Lauds
See Lauds of Christmas


See Matins of Christmas

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