Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Office Hymns: Proper of Ss: All Saints

All Saints
1st Evensong and Vigils
Giver of life, eternal Lord  - Jesu, salvator seculi, Redemptis - Casewall

GIVER of life, eternal Lord,
Thy own redeemed defend;
Mother of grace, thy children save,
and help them to the end.

Ye thousand thousand Angel hosts,
assist us in our need;
Ye Patriarchs, with the Prophet choir,
for our forgiveness plead.

Forerunner blest, and Thou who still
dost heaven's dread keys retain;
Ye glorious Apostles all,
unloose our guilty chain.

Army of Martyrs, holy Priests,
in beautiful array;
Ye happy troops of Virgins chaste,
wash all our stains away.

All ye who high above the stars
in heavenly glory reign,
may we through your prevailing prayers
unto your joys attain.

Praise, honor, to the Father be,
praise to His only Son;
praise, Holy Paraclete, to Thee,
while endless ages run.

Lauds and 2nd Evensong
O Christ! of all Redeemer dear - Christe, redemptor omnium, Conserva

O Christ! of all Redeemer dear,
Thy servants to protect be near;
Who to the pleading hearkenest
Of Mary, Ever-Virgin blest.

And ye, all-blissful hosts on high
Of heav'nly spirits, camping nigh,
Our past and present ills dispel,
From future perils guard us well!

Ye Prophets of the Judge adored,
And twelve Apostles of the Lord,
For us your ceaseless prayers outpour,
Salvation for our souls implore!

Martyrs of God, renown'd foi aye!
Confessors ranged in bright array!
Let all your orisons unite
To exalt us to the realms of light.

O sacred Virgin quires, may ye,
With Clerks of holy ministry,
And every Saint of Christ, obtain
That we his fellowship may gain.

From lands wherein thy faithful dwell
Drive far the traitorous infidel;
So we to Christ due hymns of praise
Henceforth with gladsome hearts may raise.

To thee, O Father, born of none,
And thee, O sole-begotten Son,
With holy Ghost, all glory be
From age to age eternally. Amen.

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