Thursday, May 5, 2016

Office Hymns: Prime

Now that the daylight fills the sky - Jam lucis orto sidere - Neale

Now that the daylight fills the sky,
lift we our hearts to God on high,
that he, in all we do or say,
would keep us free from harm this day.

May he restrain our tongues, lest strife
break forth to mar the peace of life;
and guard with watchful care our eyes
from earth's absorbing vanities.

O may our inmost hearts be pure,
our thoughts from folly kept secure,
the pride of sinful flesh subdued
by temperate use of daily food.

So we, when this day's work is o'er,
and shades of night return once more,
our path of trial safely trod,
shall give the glory to our God.

All praise to God, the Father, be,
all praise, eternal Son, to thee,
whom with the Spirit we adore,
one God, both now and evermore.

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