Thursday, July 14, 2016

Sacramental Hymns: Holy Communion 457-463

Now the silence – J Vajda

Now the silence
Now the peace
Now the empty hands uplifted
Now the kneeling
Now the plea
Now the Father's arms in welcome
Now the hearing
Now the power
Now the vessel brimmed for pouring
Now the body
Now the blood
Now the joyful celebration
Now the wedding
Now the songs
Now the heart forgiven leaping
Now the Spirit's visitation
Now the Son's epiphany
Now the Father's blessing

Praise the Lord, rise up rejoicing – H Gaunt

I am the bread of life – S Toolan
I am the bread of life
You who come to Me shall not hunger
And who believe in Me shall not thirst
No one can come to Me
Unless the Father beckons

And I will raise you up
And I will raise you up
And I will raise you up on the last day

The bread that I will give
Is My flesh for the life of the world
And if you eat of this bread
You shall live forever
You shall live forever


I am the resurrection
I am the life
If you believe in Me
Even though you die
You shall live forever


Yes Lord I believe
That You are the Christ
The Son of God
Who has come
Into the world 

For the bread which you have broken – L Benson

For the bread, which you have broken,
for the wine which you have poured,
for the words which you have spoken,
now we give you thanks, O Lord.

By this pledge, Lord, that you love us,
by your gift of peace restored,
by your call to heaven above us,
hallow all our lives, O Lord.

As our blessed ones adore you,
seated at our Father's board,
may the Church still waiting for you
keep love's tie unbroken, Lord.

In your service, Lord, defend us;
in our hearts keep watch and ward,
in the world to which you send us
let your kingdom come, O Lord.

O Bread of life, for sinners broken – T Lew / F Prices trans

O Bread of life, for sinners broken,
of God's own love his dearest token,
we hear the words
so gently spoken,
"Do this for me in my remembrance."

For all we seek
your grace sustaining;
your love shines though
your strength is waning,
thus by your death
our life obtaining,
"Come unto me, you heavy laden."

Now may your life
to us descending
enter our lives,
all veils thus rending,
Emmanuel, our joy unending,
"I am with you, this day and ever." 

Completed, Lord, the Holy Mysteries – St. Basil / C Pocknee

Completed, Lord,
the Holy Mysteries,
as far as lies within
our mortal power!
Thy death remembered,
feeding this on thee,
we here have known
the resurrection hour.

Here we have tasted
infinite delights,
beheld afar that life
which soon shall be;
oh, count us worthy,
Christ, thy joys to share
for ever in eternity with thee.

Through God's good grace
these Mysteries are ours,
ordained by thee,
the everlasting Son;
blest by the Spirit,
breath and flame of life,
to whom be praise
while endless ages run. 

Go forth for God: go forth to the world in peace – J Peacey

Go forth for God, go to the world in peace;
be of good courage, armed with heavenly grace,
in God's good Spirit daily to increase,
till in the kingdom we see face to face.
Go forth for God, go to the world in peace.

Go forth for God, go to the world in love;
strengthen the faint, give courage to the weak;
help the afflicted; richly from above
God's love supplies the grace and power we seek.
Go forth for God, go to the world in love.

Go forth for God, go to the world in strength;
hold fast the good, be urgent for the right;
render to no one evil; Christ at length
shall overcome all darkness with his light.
Go forth for God, go to the world in strength.

Go forth for God, go to the world in joy,
to serve God's people every day and hour,
and serving Christ, our every gift employ,
rejoicing in the Holy Spirit's power.
Go forth for God, go to the world in joy.

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