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Sacramental Hymns: Ordination and Ember Days 482-486

Ordination and Ember Days
Come, Holy Ghost, our souls inspire – Latin 9th Cent. / J Cosin

Come, Holy Ghost, our souls inspire,
and lighten with celestial fire.
Thou the anointing Spirit art,
who dost thy sevenfold gifts impart.

Thy blessed unction from above
is comfort, life, and fire of love.
Enable with perpetual light
the dullness of our blinded sight.

Anoint and cheer our soiled face
with the abundance of thy grace.
Keep far from foes, give peace at home:
where thou art guide, no ill can come.

Teach us to know the Father, Son,
and thee, of both, to be but One,
that through the ages all along,
this may be our endless song:

Praise to thy eternal merit,
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Come, Holy Ghost, Creator blest – Latin 10th Cent. / E Caswall, R Mant, R Campbell trans

Come, Holy Ghost, Creator blest,
vouchsafe within our souls to rest;
come with thy grace and heavenly aid,
and fill the hearts which thou hast made.

To thee, the Comforter, we cry,
to thee, the Gift of God most high,
the Fount of life, the Fire of love,
the soul's anointing from above.

O Finger of the hand divine,
the sevenfold gifts of grace are thine;
true promise of the Father thou,
who dost the tongue with power endow.

Thy light to every sense impart,
and shed thy love in every heart;
thine own unfailing might supply
to strengthen our infirmity.

Drive far away our ghostly foe,
and thine abiding peace bestow;
if thou be our preventing Guide,
no evil can our steps betide.

Praise we the Father and the Son
and Holy Spirit with them One;
and may the Son on us bestow
the gifts that from the Spirit flow.

Lord, pour thy Spirit from on high – J Montgomery

Lord, pour thy Spirit from on high,
and thine ordainèd servants bless;
graces and gifts to each supply,
and clothe thy priests with righteousness.

Within thy temple when they stand,
to teach the truth as taught by thee,
Savior, like stars in thy right hand,
let all thy Church's pastors be.

Wisdom and zeal and faith impart,
firmness with meekness, from above,
to bear thy people in their heart,
and love the souls whom thou dost love.

To watch and pray and never faint,
by day and night their guard to keep,
to warn the sinner, cheer the saint,
to feed thy lambs and tend thy sheep

So, when their work is finished here,
may they in hope their charge resign:
so, when their Master shall appear,
may they with crown of glory shine.

God of the prophets, bless the prophets' sons – D Wortman

God of the prophets! Bless the prophets' sons,
Elijah's mantle o'er Elisha cast;
each age its solemn task may claim but once;
make each one nobler, stronger, than the last.

Anoint them prophets! Make their ears attend
to thy divinest speech; their hearts awake
to human need; their lips make eloquent
to gird the right and every evil break.

Anoint them priests! Strong intercessors, they
for pardon and for charity and peace.
Ah, if with them the world might, now astray,
find in our Lord from all its woes release!

Anoint them kings; aye, kingly kings, O Lord.
Anoint them with the Spirit of thy Son.
Theirs not a jeweled crown, a blood stained sword;
theirs, by sweet love, for Christ a kingdom won.

Make them apostles, heralds of thy cross,
forth may they go to tell all realms thy grace;
inspired of thee, may they count all but loss,
and stand at last with joy before thy face.

Ye Christian heralds, go, proclaim – B Drapper

Ye Christian heralds, go proclaim
salvation through Emmanuel's Name;
to distant climes the tidings bear,
and plant the Rose of Sharon there.
Ruler of worlds, display thy power,
be this thy Zion's favored hour;
bid the bright morning star arise,
and point the nations to the skies.

Set up thy throne where Satan reigns,
on Afric shores, on India's plains;
on wilds and continents unknown,
and be the universe thine own!

Speak and the world shall hear thy voice;
speak and the deserts shall rejoice!
scatter the shades of mortal night;
let worthless idols flee the light!

Trusting in him, dear brethren, rear
the Gospel standard void of fear;
go seek with joy your destined shore,
to view your native land no more.

God shield you with a wall of fire,
with holy zeal your hearts inspire,
bid raging winds their fury cease,
and calm the savage breast to peace.

And when our labors are all o'er,
then may we meet to part no more;
meet with the ransomed throng to fall,
and crown the Savior Lord of all!

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